About Us

“Seeing ever increasing health problems associated with chemical pesticide usage and environmental damage by chemical fertilizer is despairing. That makes OrganiPure mission to go beyond profitmaking and also to educate everyone if possible to understand and cultivate organic and sustainable way of living. 
With an eco-green and good environment, everyone eats healthily and lives a well-balanced lifestyle”.


Who we are?
Organipure SDN BHD believes we can contribute towards a sustainable world through organic farming and trading in organic commodities and consumer brands. We aim at quality certified organic products, premium quality for the farmer's life and preservation of the earth for future generations.

Our missions: 
► To go beyond profitmaking
 To promote organic cultivation
► To maintain eco-green environment
► To practice sustainable agricultural
 To create awareness in healthy living

Our services we can offer:   
► Water infiltration test 
► Compaction analysis
► Tilth and structure analysis 
► Earthworm abundance count
► Preliminary nutrients assessment
► pH analysis
► Soil amendmentamendment
► Bio pesticide
► Organic fertilizer
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